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Amelia Bowman

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Amelia Bowman is a Norfolk based artist. She creates intaglio collagraph prints incorporating her beautifully decorative hand drawn, digitally coloured pattern designs - added with a technique called Chine-Colle.  


Collagraph printing is a very open form of printmaking. During the inking process the ink will rub off surfaces that are smooth or higher and stay on deeper surfaces that hold more ink, thus creating the image. 


"I learnt collagraphy almost by accident while working in secondary art education in 2006. I watched as students were shown a smattering of techniques by a guest tutor. I converted a somewhat decrepit mangel into a printing press and this a solution that has endured to this day.  

In those days I was regularly to be found sketching on the Suffolk coast and began to convert my coastal sketches into collagraph plates. A country girl at heart I have now returned to my roots taking inspiration from all things rural".  

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