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Carl Jacobs

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CARL JACOBS - Born in Manchester in 1947, Carl Jacob’s earliest recollection was drawing at every opportunity.  At school, art was by far his most favourite subject. He went onto Art College gaining a diploma in Graphic Art and Design, followed by a much enjoyed career in advertising, eventually setting up his own successful business. Jacobs had the good fortune to be able to retire early - to spend his time doing the thing he loves the most, painting.


Carls paintings reflect his blend of imagination and photographs, taken whilst on holiday in Cornwall and Europe.  His use of fine line and blocks of colour create an interesting semi-abstract fragmented composition.  Although his paintings may be based loosely around an actual place, his creative process relies more on a personal feeling; capturing the essence of a moment in time.

He chooses to work mainly in acrylics because of their versatility and quick drying properties and suit Jacob’s method of working perfectly.

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