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Kate Panter Ceramics

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Kate Panter lives by the sea at Watergate Bay in Cornwall, where she's inspired on a daily basis by witnessing the constantly changing landscape whilst walking her dog on the beach and during regular kayak and snorkelling adventures.

Kate has always been creative and has been dabbling with clay for the past twenty years, but it wasn’t until five years ago, when she retired from the local police force after 31 years working mainly in CID, that she could dedicate more time and energy to her hobby.  She bought a larger kiln, built a studio, came up with some new ideas and started selling ceramics in galleries!

Her sculptures, stacks and round bubble fish are hand formed using either white Earthenware or white Stoneware clay, then printed and decorated using a variety of paints, glazes and lustres.


The Cornish Mackerel pictures are created from arranging numerous individual ceramic Mackerel into shoals waves or balls.  They are then attached with clear silicon onto glass or driftwood.  Each fish is cut, printed and formed by hand, painted and glazed with six different colours then coated with a Mother of Pearl lustre and fired a third time.  Individually creating each fish is a lengthy process for Kate, but the reward is the beautiful iridescent colouring and fish that are all slightly different - these two factors give the end result a more unique and authentic feel.

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