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Niko Brown

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Please contact us if you wish to see more examples of a particular design in stock as we don't always have time to photograph everything in the busy summer months.  Each piece is handmade, so there will never be two exactly the same! 

Niko Brown is now based near Truro, Cornwall, having relocated from Hertfordshire in 2017.  Her surroundings very much inspire and influence her pleasing designs, from pretty meadows to swirling pools of fish. Each piece is hand cut, assembled and fired from her home studio. Niko often combines paintings and line drawings in her fused glass designs which add an element of fun and charm to her work.


She is well known for her whimsical and colourful bird pieces named ‘Sweet Tweets’ but now joining the collection are the equally as popular ‘Sweet Bees’, ‘Little Nippers’ and ‘Jellies’! 

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