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Sara Holden

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Sara Holden graduated from Falmouth College of Arts in 1995 with an HND in illustration. It was at college that she developed her trademark ‘swirling’ style of vibrant seascapes.

Sara’s paintings are full of movement where she endeavours to capture a sense of fun, often including swooping seagulls and smiling fish!  Working from sketches, photographs and her imagination, Sara conveys the natural rhythms of the local geography within swirls - creating a design that flows and gives the illusion of movement. The colours used are as closely considered as the composition, resulting in a painting that is fresh and vibrant, evoking a feeling of wellbeing.  

Sara has built up a loyal following of fans and collectors over the years, all of whom fall in love with the quirky humour, originality and sheer quality of painting that she produces.

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