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Stonesplitter Clocks

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Stonesplitter Pottery create whimsical, high quality, Raku pottery clocks.  Each clock is handmade and fired, creating the beautiful crackling glazed effect, synonymous with Raku firing; and you’ll find a tiny mouse poking out its nose from every clock!

The firing of pottery in the Raku style was first recorded in the sixteenth Century in Japan.  Its origins derive from the production of wares for the tea ceremony which was an important part of Japanese life. Introduced to the West by Bernard Leach in the 1920's, the Western Raku process involves the removal of the pots from the kiln whilst red hot and the further post firing reduction in combustible materials. This distinguishes Western Raku from Japanese Raku. Post firing reduction accentuates the crazing on the surface and creates the lustrous finishes that are the trademark of modern Raku pottery.

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