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Trace Goldsmith

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Trace Goldsmith - The blend of fresh and harmonious colours used in Trace’s abstract infused work, evokes a sense of calm as the clean lines of the boats are reflected on tranquil seas and serene seascapes to create a sense of peace.  Her paintings cleverly capture an atmosphere in an idealistic way, soothing the viewer - whilst at the same time - allowing them to experience an idyllic moment of wonderful therapeutic escapism.

Painting from her West Cornwall farm - with her dogs, horses, sheep and poultry for company - it is Trace’s solitary rural lifestyle and the far reaching coastal views of St Ives to St Agnes from which she draws her subject matter, the sea.  Although she loves to watch the sea, Trace doesn’t spend any time actually in the water and this is where her sense of idealism comes from.  As she says:

 “If I was a surfer or a fisherman, I would hold conscious thoughts about how dangerous and changeable – as well as beautiful – the sea can be. However, from my perspective, I can naively view the sea as soothing and inviting and find fascination in the colours it reflects”

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